Who am I? I am the owner of Katalina's, The Little Cafe with Lots of Local Goodness™. After a career as a creative marketer, I fulfilled a lifelong dream and opened a restaurant that has become more of a success than I could have ever hoped for.


My Beginning

I have been cooking since I was 9. The first thing I remember cooking was Julia Child's Eggs Benedict. When I was 21, I cooked for a tiny restaurant in Morzine, France, and then went on to work as an assistant and cook for a Countess in Paris, France. I also prepared and cooked meals in Lyon, France, for her mother-in-law, a Marquise, and their extended family in their summer chateau. It was there I fell in love with food and wine and knew I wanted to make my life about cooking.


“Poetry is as precise as geometry.”

Gustave Flaubert


Why hire me as a consultant? I write the best taglines to convey your message, your vision, your expertise. I name the coolest products, create the strongest trademarks.

I am particularly interested developing brand equity and cohesion for local start-ups and other like-minded businesses. This includes restaurants and retailers, wanting to create a footprint in the local market. I create compelling, aspirational brand vision through brand voice, "naming and claiming", and internal style guides.

As a food and product stylist, I help clients create unique photos. Not only do I have experience, talent and creativity, I have passion--perhaps more important to being a good stylist. I also have an arsenal of props that can help define a brand or campaign. As a professional cook and restaurant owner, I add yet another level of expertise to food styling.

Who have I worked for?  Target, Skinny Girl, Milligan’s Maple, Brand Momentum, Abercrombie, AT&T, Young & Rubicam, Macy's, Victoria's Secret, The Gap, Best Buy, to name a few...

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