Naming & Claiming

Poetry is as precise as geometry. —Gustave Flaubert

In my career, I have named and trademarked over 200 names and taglines. Many hours go into researching, brainstorming and legally negotiating a single product name. My experience allows me to know which names will be becoming effective and “sticky,” enabling them to become “Lovemarks,” the term coined by Saatchi and Saatchi to epitomize a brand that has become so well-loved and embraced that it is as much a part of our culture as baseball, apple pie, and, well, Chevrolet. I also know the legal and negotiation nuances to clear or “tweak” names previously considered unavailable.

Examples below {click any image to enlarge}.

Companies for whom I've created SubBrand names

Names and tag lines were "negotiated" with legal, often via my experience in "pushing through" names based on usage, linguistics and market landscape, often outsourced via a third-party marketing or advertising firm as is common practice (versus the company itself).




Abercrombie Fragrances

Hollister Fragrance



Victoria's Secret

Lane Bryant

Katalina's (my own restaurant has set new naming and claiming standards for the 15th biggest restaurant market in the nation; my taglines are quoted by customers, job applicants and the public at large)

ColYUMbus/ (a name and business I created myself with current interest from investors)